Ruane Transport Services Limited

The route to successful haulage

Our business, family owned since the 1930s, is dedicated to providing a highly reliable, professional and efficient service to all our customers.

Distance is no object

We have a wide variety of vehicles available, from vans to crane assisted lorries. With our knowledgeable and efficient team, we are aware of the importance of delivering goods on time, but also in a safe manner. We are highly experienced in abnormal loads and European haulage with competitive rates.

Please contact us to solve your transport problems
01246 450644


Our Fleet

We have a wide range of different vehicles to fit your haulage needs.

Abnormal Loads

We are highly experienced in dealing with abnormal loads that need individual planning and care.

Crane Haulage

We have two cranes available lifting 40,000kg/per metre and 36,000kg/per metre respectively.


8,000 square foot storage space, with full CCTV in operation.